Activities at Maiyan

At Maiyan, it’s all about great experiences. Add a little adventure to your to-do list. Away from your room, we have a variety of fun activities for you, your family, and your friends to indulge in. Come, let’s help you create unforgettable outdoor memories.


Though golf is a game of the mind, it is fun, recreation, and a stress buster when you enjoy each shot. 


Saddle up and ride. Experience the Laikipia outback on horseback. Some of our horses are a household name having worn races and some play polo professionally. 


It’s more than a basketball court. It’s a court to keep you fit and for those with a competitive spirit, you get to enjoy a wide range of activities including, football, tennis and rugby. 


Hop into one of our bikes and take a ride around the expansive Maiyan grounds which sit across 146 acres of land. A beautiful way to get the blood flowing and make beautiful memories.

Water Sports

Right at the heart of Maiyan, is a lake overlooking Mt. Kenya and Lolldaiga. Teaming with fish, it’s a perfect spot for fishing and boat riding.


Enjoy our tennis court, a perfect bonding session for family, couples, or friends.

Outdoor Gym

An outdoor gym with modern equipment. Work out in the freedom of space and tranquillity of nature.